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Ashok Steel Industries Pvt. Ltd. is located in Nepal, produces a range of quality steel rolled products for the construction industry. The plant is equipped with all modern lab facilities and enforces strict quality control measures at every stage of production to ensure unformly high quality of end products. The plant is also benefited by technical assistance from India, France and Japan

Ashok Steel Expertise in TMR Bar

8 mm 10 mm
12 mm 16 mm
20 mm 25 mm
32 mm 40 mm

Ashok Steel Industries Pvt Ltd produce the materials in accordance with NS 191 & FE 500

Why Choose Ashok Steel

Ashok Steel Industries design the reinforcement bar rolling for the production of the assured quality product only. Our Industry have sequence mix of Roughing, Intermediate and Continuous Mills for quality measurements. Because of this a progressive reduction process, We can produce the bars with uniform size and mechanical properties all along the length of the product.
The TMT bars are then subjected to heat treatment in three successive stages, through International Process. In the first stage, Quenching starts with the hot roll bar leaving the final stand and immediately being quenched by a special Water Spraying System. The process results in the formation of “Martensitic” in the outer surface of the bar while the core remains austenitic.
In the next step, the bar leaves the water quenching line and is exposed to air. The heat flux from the still hot core reheats the outer surface within the structure. The Martensitic formed in the first stage is thus subject to self- tempering giving a structure called “Tempered Martensitic” which is strong and tough. The core 15. 15 is still austenitic at this stage.
The third and final stage of “Atmospheric cooling” takes place on the cooling bed. The final structure, thus, consists of a combination of a strong outer layer of tempered Martensitic and a ductile core of ferrite-pearlier. The rebar shall be produced in the range of 8 mm to 40 mm diameter.

Ashok Steel Mission

  • Production of the best in the class construction products with excellence at technological parameters.
  • Sustainable development which strives to meet present demands and eager to fulfill future expectations.
  • Employee encouragement through corporate governance to help build an efficient and empowered society.
  • To produce steel and allied products of the highest standards that provides safety, security and also tremendous value for money.
  • To gain the trust of all parties in the chain of supply and ultimately the end consumer through consistent delivery of the highest level of product backed by industry leading services.
  • To observe best business practices in all areas of operations and hire people on merit basis and train & empower them to perform their duties at the highest level.
  • To provide a rewarding work environment and abundant growth opportunities to staff at all levels – from factory floor to office floor – taking into consideration their unyielding efforts towards the growth and progress of the company.
  • To provide lucrative returns to all stakeholders while steadfastly following the Vision with which the company was established.
  • Our Vision

    AA Continuous evolvement through technological advancement by creating industry benchmarks of business excellence.